SEO Campaigns

Implementing a robust SEO strategy can be a major game-changer for your brand's success

SEO works to increase the visibility of your brand when people make online search inquiries about products or services you may offer. We accomplish results for you through comprehensive best practices, technical configuration, and more, of your website and online listings.

  • Rank higher in search results than your competitors
  • Acquire new customers through your online listings
  • Increase overall brand recognition, credibility, and trust

Once the Blue Canopy team has created your new website and optimized your other online listings, then we can move into the SEO portion of your digital strategy. SEO is not a fast process; most experts agree that you will not begin to see results for 4 – 6 months.

Before we begin a program, there are questions YOU need to consider:

Does your business serve a local, national, or global market?

What do you think your potential customers are searching for online?

Who is your potential customer?

Does your website provide information only or do visitors have an option to purchase?

How much are you willing to invest in your SEO strategy each month?

Each package is individualized based on a company’s goals and reach. We recommend a minimum of 4 – 6 months with at least a $1500 investment per month.

Each SEO package from Blue Canopy Marketing will include:

SEO packages are individualized based on your goals, your industry, and level of competition.

We strategically analyze and place keywords to help better target your audience and increase traffic.

Content written based on keyword research.

Code is optimized based on the latest guidelines.

High-quality backlinks including off-site content writing, social profile posting, local directory listings, and other media are used to build your credibility online.

Reports showing activity, key metrics, and lead captures will be shared monthly. The Blue Canopy team will be monitoring and adjusting tactics as needed throughout the month. Your metrics will be explained with the reports and a call can be scheduled if you prefer.

Once reports are analyzed and shared, adjustments will be made to the strategy to build on the momentum.

NOTE: Our SEO packages are limited to Blue Canopy customers. If you would like to work with our experienced team on your SEO strategy, REQUEST A QUOTE regarding your new website design to begin.